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Our Rabbi and rebbetzin

Our Rabbi and Rebbetzin have provided extraordinary leadership to our highly diverse Jewish community which has grown and prospered over the decades.   Rabbi Emanuel Carlebach assumed the role of Rabbi upon the passing of his father, the late Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach in 1985.  In 1986 our Rabbi and Rebbetzin Chani  were married.  

Our Rabbi offers his services to the community as a teacher, counselor and friend.  His great warmth is felt by all, not to mention his sense of humour and down to earth personality.

Rabbi Carlebach received his bachelors degree of religious studies from the Rabbinical College of America of Morristown, NJ and his rabbinic ordination from Yeshivas Tomchei T'mimim of Brooklyn, NY.

Behind every great man is a great woman.  Rebbetzin Chani is herself an exemplary Jewish woman, wife, mother, teacher and scholar.  Chani has also provided guidance to the community with her warmth and strength of character.  Chani founded the girls seminary Bais Moshe Chaim (named in loving memory of their son, Moshe Chaim obm) which has attracted hundreds of students worldwide to Ste-Agathe to enhance their Jewish education and character.  

Our Rabbi and Rebbetzin are blessed with children and grandchildren 'BH' who bring much joy and nachat to our community.

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